Should trucks be allowed to increase length and weight shipping requirements?

Could the trucks that drive next to us on the highway become even bigger than they are now?

Could the trucks that drive next to us on the highway become even bigger than they are now?

According to Bowling Green Daily News, more than 1.5 million people were employed as heavy tractor-trailer drivers as of May 2013. The U.S. Bureau of Labor estimates this number will grow by over 190,000 employees by 2022.

Trucks move more food, supplies and other materials that sit on store shelves and are processed by various stages of moving companies. The past year's brutal winter weather and icy conditions made it harder on most trucks to travel, but it did not stop some from doing so.

The movement of trucks, regardless of weather, time and other conditions, highlights their place in our economy and impact on our daily lives.

Despite their success and booming industry numbers, truck business owners want to change the weight and length limitations of their truck fleets to enable more products to be carried at once.

As of now, the Highway Trust Fund, which finances road construction projects, infrastructure repairs and other road fixes, is set to run out of money on May 31. The language of this bill could be changed, if lobbied for in Congress, in favor of what the truck drivers want. Drivers and suppliers want longer, heavier weight-limit equipped trucks for larger loads and overall bigger deliveries in the same time period.

Not everyone agrees with this disposition though, especially the railroad industry. If trucks are approved to carry bigger loads, the railroad industry could lose billions of dollars, according to the New York Times.

Major shipping companies have formed the Coalition for Efficient and Responsible Trucking to counter the opinions and coalitions of railroad companies. 

Many do not believe heavier truck loads are safe for roads, while the other side thinks they can be if proper safety precautions are taken.

With both sides relentless in their cause, Congress is set to hear both sides before the May deadline hits.

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