Truck-borne freight increased in January

January of 2015 reportedly saw an increase in trucking activity.

January of 2015 reportedly saw an increase in trucking activity.

This year began with a great start for the U.S. trucking industry, as information from the Bureau of Transportation Statistics shows. This organization released data earlier this week pertaining to the total freight value transported this January as compared to January 2014.

Three different modes of transportation — air, truck and train — all saw gains, with the last one leading at a growth of near 5 percent. That means the amount of goods shipped by rail during this month increased by the highest dollar amount out of these channels. 

Overall, trucks accounted for the highest amount of freight for the U.S.-NAFTA, however. They reportedly accounted for more than 62 percent of freight in this category and 55 percent of the freight traveling in and out of Canada. For trade with Mexico, trucks were even more dominant, as they contributed to almost 71 percent of operations for that sector.

The source also listed the top commodities for delivery by truck to America's neighbors north and south for January. Between the States and Mexico, this consisted of "electrical machinery; equipment and parts," a category that consisted of 7,023 total units, with imports surpassing exports. This was also the top commodity for air transport and all modes total. For Canadian trade, the chief commodity was "vehicles other than railway," which saw far more even rates of importing and exporting.

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