Shippers get creative amid West Coast port congestion

Shipping companies are rerouting their cargo to avoid the congestion in West Coast ports.
This slowdown at West Coast ports is forcing shippers to find creative solutions and alternate pathways for shipments they normally would have sent through the trans-Pacific route.

Target lowers free-shipping threshold to compete against Amazon and Wal-Mart

Target is developing a more competitive free shipping policy for online customers.
Target recently reduced its free-shipping online purchasing minimum from $50 to $25, in an effort to compete with other e-commerce giants like Amazon and Wal-Mart.

Port shutdown narrowly avoided as West Coast labor contract is finally reached

West Coast ports avoided shutdown when dockworkers and shipping companies reached a new contract agreement.
According to the LA Times, shipping companies and dockworkers tentatively agreed to a new labor contract late last week, avoiding the shutdown of 29 West Coast ports.

NYC files lawsuit against UPS for the alleged shipment of untaxed cigarettes

New York has filed a lawsuit against UPS, alleging that the company shipped millions of dollars of untaxed cigarettes illegally.
The state of New York and New York City are filing a lawsuit against the United Parcel Service (UPS) for the alleged shipping of more than 136 million untaxed cigarettes across the state for the past five years. 

Consumer-direct wine shipping may become legal in South Dakota

In South Dakota, a new bill would allow people to get wine delivered straight to their door.
A bill that would legalize consumer-direct shipping in South Dakota is making its way to the governor's desk for consideration.