Great Lakes shipping thrives this autumn

The Great Lakes are experiencing their busiest shipping season in over a decade.
In October, Great Lakes freighters transported 11.3 million tons of cargo, which signifies a 20 percent increase over the long-term October average. 

Retailers prepare for a better holiday shipping season in 2014

Shipping companies are busy preparing for the holiday rush.
Last year's holiday shipping delays proved problematic for both consumers and businesses, so this year retailers are working extra hard to streamline their shipping services and guarantee accurate delivery.

Dec. 22nd will be the busiest shipping day, UPS predicts

Shipping companies will be handling more packages than ever during the coming holiday season.
UPS predicts that its busiest shipping day of the year will be December 22, which is less than two months away.

Retailers establish holiday shipping deadlines

This holiday season, businesses are wary of offering shipping promises they can't deliver on.
The National Retail Federation recently reported that businesses are in the midst of finalizing their shipping and logistics plans to avoid any delays or customer service errors during the coming holiday season.

Cyber Monday will mean a spike in shipping

Retailers are offering free shipping on returned items in an attempt to attract Cyber Monday shoppers.
Cyber Monday emerges as the biggest e-commerce day of the year.