Should trucks be allowed to increase length and weight shipping requirements?

Could the trucks that drive next to us on the highway become even bigger than they are now?
Could truck fleets become bigger as the industry continues to grow?

Truck-borne freight increased in January

January of 2015 reportedly saw an increase in trucking activity.
A report from the Bureau of Transportation Statistics shows January gains for the trucking industry.

St. Lawrence Seaway reopens, signaling possible boon for shipping

A series of Canadian ships will travel the Great Lakes Waterways via the St. Lawrence Seaway, starting soon.
One source predicts a strong shipping performance for Canadian trade along the Great Lakes despite a rough start to the season.

New technology would enhance USPS

Fuel efficiency is reportedly one of the key motives behind a recently announced USPS redesign.
Last month, the USPS announced it was interested in revamping a section of its fleet.

Shippers get creative amid West Coast port congestion

Shipping companies are rerouting their cargo to avoid the congestion in West Coast ports.
This slowdown at West Coast ports is forcing shippers to find creative solutions and alternate pathways for shipments they normally would have sent through the trans-Pacific route.