Trucks moved record-breaking amount of freight in 2014

America continues to rely on the trucking industry.
According to a recent report, last year trucks moved 9.96 billion tons of freight, making up 68.8 percent of all domestic freight.

As the volume for shipping increases, what changes are being made to handle it?

Larger shipping containers are creating even bigger problems for the shipping industry.
How have larger ocean vessels impacted the shipping industry?

Loop Commerce aims to make gifting more personal

Let Reliable Runners handle all your shipping needs today.
Can gift giving be even more personal than it already is?

Should trucks be allowed to increase length and weight shipping requirements?

Could the trucks that drive next to us on the highway become even bigger than they are now?
Could truck fleets become bigger as the industry continues to grow?

Truck-borne freight increased in January

January of 2015 reportedly saw an increase in trucking activity.
A report from the Bureau of Transportation Statistics shows January gains for the trucking industry.