Whole Foods partners with Instacart to deliver groceries to your door

Now you can get Whole Foods groceries delivered to your home.

Now you can get Whole Foods groceries delivered to your home.

More and more companies are trying to corner the market on grocery delivery. Whole Foods is just the latest to get in on the action, teaming up with Instacart, a company that offers the services of personal grocery shoppers. 

Instacart customers order the items they want online or through an app, and the company then dispatches a shopper to the selected store and the goods are delivered to your doorstep. The service is currently available at Kroger, Costco and Whole Foods and spans 15 cities. 

Now, Instacart will be permanently placing personal shoppers in Whole Foods locations, instead of sending them to multiple stores. Whole Foods is hoping this will cut down significantly on delivery time. Whole Foods has also unveiled a new pick-up service. In this model, a personal shopper will gather the items you've selected and you can retrieve the order in the store once it's completed. 

This initiative is part of Whole Foods's goal to become more technologically involved. CEO Walter Robb told Fortune earlier this year, "We think our customers, of all supermarket customers, are the most technologically advanced so we need to take that to a whole other level."

Grocery delivery services are becoming ever-more competitive, with each brand striving to deliver a wider range of items in shorter amounts of time. Large players like Amazon and Google are already involved, and companies like FreshDirect and Peapod deliver food straight from the warehouse. 

Many business owners are looking to enter the delivery and shipment business, but before they take on more than they can handle it would be wise to consult experts in the field. It's never good for important deliveries to go astray, so make sure your logistics team is on top of their game and can handle the flow of goods that will pass through their hands.