Amazon expands free shipping opportunities

Amazon recently announced that it's offering more free shipping options for its customers.

Amazon recently announced that it's offering more free shipping options for its customers.

Amazon recently reported that it's making changes to its regulations that will allow customers to take advantage of more free shipping opportunities.

Customers used to be able to receive free shipping on orders over $35 only if all the items in their cart were fulfilled by the same merchant. Now, however, Amazon is allowing customers to reach the $35 shipping minimum by buying from multiple merchants, even those that don't ship through Amazon.

According to the company, this is expected to more than triple the number of items that are eligible to contribute to free shipping. Products eligible for free shipping on Amazon are delivered within five to eight business days after the item is available to ship.

Most online retailers are striving to offer an increasing number of free shipping options for their customers in order to compete with Amazon, which has been opening new distribution centers around the United States to speed delivery. Today's consumer expects an unprecedented combination of cost-effective and quick shipping options on an ever-widening array of products. Many companies, especially smaller ones, are finding it difficult to keep up with this competitive business environment.

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