New Technology Defines the Now of Mail

Fuel efficiency is reportedly one of the key motives behind a recently announced USPS redesign.

Fuel efficiency is reportedly one of the key motives behind a recently announced USPS redesign.

Last month, the United States Postal Service (USPS) said that it would pursue new trucks for delivery to capitalize on changes in available technologies. Since this organization reportedly spent nearly $540 million on fuel last year alone, according to the New York Times, increasing efficiency is a chief goal for the newer vehicles, along with new features that address other delivery issues.

In a graphic accompanying the article, the Times outlines some of the proposed enhancements to the Grumman trucks that the USPS currently relies on. These updates include a backup camera, more room for packages and a relocation of the tailpipe to prevent fumes from the exhaust from getting to the driver. While the design is still in progress, the new models are set to be put into motion by 2018.

More than anything, this data suggests that efficiency is a major value for the service, something electric car expert Henry Lee addresses in an interview with the Harvard Gazette. Lee considered the challenges facing the USPS with this redesign and whether or not electric vehicles would be a possible solution for the 180,000 trucks the USPS wants to replace.

"You have to have a lot of batteries to move something that heavy," Lee said. "So if you need 30 to 34 batteries — lithium batteries — the cost of the vehicle would be $20,000 more, times 180,000, which is a pretty big number." However he added, "The good news for electric vehicles is that they would all go back to the same garage in the evening, and you could put charging facilities in the garage quite easily."

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