Blizzard causes shipping delays in Northeastern U.S.

Winter Storm Juno wreaked some havoc earlier this week in the Northeastern U.S.
UPS, FedEx and the United States Postal Service (USPS) are all reporting shipping delays as the result of the recent blizzard that swept across the Northeastern U.S. 

'Roadie​' is the new shipping and delivery app

Need something transported quickly? Roadie could have a solution for you.
A new shipping and delivery app called Roadie has just been released from its beta testing phase and is now active in nine Southeastern states.

Amazon expands free shipping opportunities

Amazon recently announced that it's offering more free shipping options for its customers.

Amazon recently reported that it's making changes to its regulations that will allow customers to take advantage of more free shipping opportunities.

Oil shipping market appears to rebound in the new year

The new year is looking promising for oil tankers.
Shipping markets have recently experienced an upturn, causing oil tanker companies to seek to raise capital through United States listings.

Norwegian cargo ship design could safe 80 percent in fuel emissions

In the future, cargo ships could sport a much more efficient design.
The Norwegian company Lade A S has released a new cargo ship design that could succeed in making the shipping industry more environmentally friendly in the future.