Is global same-day delivery coming to Amazon?

Global same-day shipping may be coming to Amazon.
According to recent job listings, Amazon's long-term goal is to offer global same-day delivery services.

Best Buy offers free two-day shipping, creating holiday competition for Amazon

Best Buy is offering customers free two-day shipping on thousands of its online products.
Best Buy recently announced that it would be providing free two-day shipping on thousands of its online items.

Amazon using robots to fulfill orders in warehouses

The e-commerce giant is now using a fleet of robots to do the heavy lifting in its warehouses.
Amazon is currently using more than 15,000 robots in 10 different warehouses to help with the manual lifting and transporting of goods.

USPS reports it is ready for the holiday season shipping rush

The Postal Service is stepping up its marketing game this holiday season.
The U.S. Postal Service has been preparing its systems for months in anticipation of the upcoming holiday season.

Retailers fight to deliver the best shipping deals

Target is taking a significant risk by offering free holiday shipping without a minimum purchase amount.
Retailers across the nation are looking for ways to reduce shipping costs and time in order to attract more holiday customers.