Retailers establish holiday shipping deadlines

This holiday season, businesses are wary of offering shipping promises they can't deliver on.
The National Retail Federation recently reported that businesses are in the midst of finalizing their shipping and logistics plans to avoid any delays or customer service errors during the coming holiday season.

Cyber Monday will mean a spike in shipping

Retailers are offering free shipping on returned items in an attempt to attract Cyber Monday shoppers.
Cyber Monday emerges as the biggest e-commerce day of the year. 

Target offers free shipping throughout the holidays

Target announces free shipping this holiday season.
From October 22 through December 20, Target is offering free shipping on all merchandise.

Arctic shipping code gains approval

If the Polar Code is passed, then crews will have to undergo special training before sailing through Arctic waters.
The first draft of a new, mandatory Polar Code was just approved by the Marine Environment Protection Committee (MEPC) of the International Maritime Organization (IMO). 

Logistics companies remain in high demand

The U.S. trucking industry generates over $600 billion in gross freight revenues.
New logistics and delivery start-ups are being created every day, fueled by the growing demand for efficient order fulfillment.