About Us

Reliable Runners is much more than Northeast Ohio's premier expedited delivery service provider. From our new corporate headquarters just outside Cleveland, our goal is to provide a total logistics solution for every one of our more than 1,500 clients, regardless of size or need, from envelopes to truckloads.

We work with clients across the United States, providing them with 24/7/365 service, while meeting the highest standards they have come to expect. The services we provide to entrepreneurs and e-businesses are just as effective as those that our Fortune 500 clients expect, so we're able to help all of our clients achieve a competitive advantage by driving down their inventory expenses, reducing their transportation costs and improving customer service.

With Reliable Runners, the premier Ohio courier service, logistics is taken to the next level.

We realized nearly three decades ago when we started out that our goal would be to revolutionize expedited delivery services, and today we're doing just that - helping our clients transform the logistics cost equation and address any logistics challenge they might encounter.

Whatever it takes to get time-sensitive materials from one place to another, Reliable Runners will do, whether that means outsourcing a customer's current dispatch activities, providing distribution and fulfillment solutions, or preparing for a scheduled or on-call delivery. We'll make sure your shipment arrives on time...and for less.

We will also service both those who need courier service on-demand and our complement of clients that regularly use our service, all of which can vouch for the consistency and reliability of our service. These benefits, along with accountability, speed, customer service and convenience, is what sets Reliable Runners apart.

Customer-centric Technology. Industry-leading Innovation.

Reliable Runners recognized long ago that offering a whole new level of delivery and expedited delivery service would require continued investment in the most advanced technology. Its only through cutting-edge solutions that we're able to deliver more than just on-time shipments to our customers - we draw on our three decades of experience to develop solutions that we know distribution chain stakeholders require.  

The crown jewel in our suite of logistics technology is eZrunner™, a web-based, comprehensive account management solution. eZrunner™ provides users:

    Online quoteReal-Time
  • me Order Tracking
  • Proof of delivery
  • Reporting
  • Electronic invoice receipt
  • Online payments

In today's fast-paced, global distribution chain, efficiency, accuracy and cost are the most critical components of deliveries. Part of the reason Reliable Runners has been trusted as the top Ohio courier service for nearly 30 years is because we understand the unique challenges preventing logistics providers from achieving peak performance in these areas.

Through eZrunner™, Reliable Runners can help clients achieve these benefits by linking together several state-of-the-art technologies into one intuitive dashboard system. These specific technologies facilitate valuable functions, including:

  • "Proof of delivery" information that is instantly recorded and transmitted
  • Real-time delivery data, status updates and online reporting
  • Driver tracking
  • Instant customer account information, quoting and order tracking.
  • Reliable Runners: We support the beginning, middle and end of your supply chain

Logistics services are ultimately about transporting materials from one point to another, as quickly as possible and without interruption. The process should be straightforward. With Reliable Runners, it will be, and next-level expedited delivery services should be within your reach.