Our Features

Delivering More Customer Service 24/7

Reliable Means Convenient.

Our mission is to make everything related to your expedited delivery and logistics simpler and more efficient. That’s why we’ve invested so much in our proprietary total web-based system called eZrunner™.

eZrunner is a total account management solution. From order entry, tracking and reporting to billing and electronic payment, eZrunner™ is all you need for total control, on-line convenience and complete transaction security, including electronic payment.

Reliable Means Secure.

Comprehensive security protects both customer goods and customer data. Backup generators provide our entire facility with seamless emergency power to assure security system integrity and service efficiency. All data is backed up off site. Our warehouse is equipped with real-time access control and keyless entry. We can even arrange individual customer inventory monitoring via real-time web cam.

Reliable Means Peace of Mind.

Nothing, but nothing, is more important than knowing that the delivery you’ve entrusted to us will arrive as promised, on time, every time. So Reliable Runners utilizes an arsenal of advanced technology (constantly updated and field-tested) to make sure our service remains the most efficient and dependable in the industry. It includes:

  • Intelligent dispatch technology linking every driver and dispatcher to one another to ensure accuracy and timeliness.
  • GPS delivery locator system for real-time driver tracking (including speed, direction and shipment en route). Now our intelligent computer-aided dispatch system can integrate GPS, order entry and mobile data, constantly updating incoming orders, yet-to-be-dispatched orders, driver locations, destinations and more.
  • Mobile data terminals which instantly record and transmit pick-up and "proof of delivery" information.
  • Real-time delivery data, status updates, and online reporting.
  • Instant customer account info