Strong operations the 'backbone' of logistics

September 11 2013

Every organization has a need for a strong supply chain. There are several aspects of it that need to work together to be as successful as possible. However, where should executives start if they want to make sure their solution is as effective as possible?

In a recent guest column for AerOceaNetwork, Gary Dale Cearley, the managing director of Advanced International Networks, explained what elements are crucial for a successful logistics service. According to Cearley, the foundation of any good supply chain is solid operations.

He went on to say that whenever he speaks with a potential partner, strong operation capacity is a must. That is a fact, regardless of the size of an organization or the kind of cargo or products they are responsible for. In the end, efficiency of the system and the effectiveness of the outcomes are important.

Clearly does point out that knowing what to do and actually doing it are not the same thing. It can be difficult for organizations to implement these processes without help, which is where outsourcing logistic services can come into play.

"Like I said before, solid operations are the backbone of a solid logistics company," the article reads. "And solid logistics companies are the backbone of a solid logistics network."

There are a number of business services that organizations can implement more effectively with the help of an outside provider and logistics is one of them. Partnering with the right service provider can take any company's supply chain to a new level.