Monday, Dec. 15th, was the busiest shipping day of the season

USPS had its busiest shipping day of the holiday season on Monday.

USPS had its busiest shipping day of the holiday season on Monday.

According to CNN, Monday, Dec. 15th, was the holiday season's peak shipping day at FedEx and USPS.

The post office predicted that it would process 640 million pieces of mail on Monday, up by 33 million since last year. FedEx expected to process 22.6 million shipments on Monday, and to experience an overall holiday delivery increase of 9 percent this year.

UPS forecasts its busiest day of the season will arrive Monday, Dec. 22nd, with employees expecting to handle 34 million packages. Mondays are typically busier simply because consumers put together their mail and packages over the weekend and then want them sent off as soon as possible.

To handle the increased volume this season, FedEx, USPS and UPS all hired thousands of seasonal employees in addition to their year-round workforce, and they're delivering packages seven days a week to ensure delivery before Christmas.

Retail experts are promising a huge jump in online spending this holiday season, and online retailers are especially aware of their shipping limitations because of the delivery delays experienced last year. As a result, Amazon is requiring customers to place their orders by Dec. 19th in order to receive their products by Dec. 24th without having to pay an extra rush fee.

If your store is fulfilling orders this holiday season, make sure products reach your customers on time and undamaged. Shipping is a complicated business that requires years of experience to fully master, so hiring a third-party logistics company when you're especially busy is a great idea. A company like Reliable Runners specializes in shipping, so we can help you streamline your delivery process without a problem so your customers get exactly what they're asking for.