Military members' personal vehicles may be delivered soon

The personal vehicles of military personnel may be delivered  as soon as IAL announces that they have cleared the logjam responsible for the delays.
An official from Internal Auto Logistics, the third-party contractor that ships the personal vehicles of military service members, has reported that the delays experienced this summer are finally beginning to clear.

Controversy grows over federal funding of transportation projects

People are divided over whether transportation projects should be controlled by federal or local governments.
Federal funding for transportation projects is coming under fire, with denigrators arguing that only local organizations can reliably create functional systems. 

Farmers to lose $109 million because of rail delays

Rail delays in the Midwest cost farmers millions of dollars.
Farmers are set to lose $109 million as a result of railway shipping delays that have caused a backlog of wheat, corn and soybeans.

Trends in the trucking industry for 2014

The demand for truck deliveries is increasing in 2014, and fleets are working to optimize efficiency.
The trucking industry in the U.S. is managing to remain healthy despite some recent concerns about government regulation and employee shortages.

Just how far off is drone delivery?

Researchers at MIT develop an algorithm that will allow a drone to self-monitor its health status during flight.
MIT makes strides in drone technology, inventing a self-monitoring algorithm.